When should I get my child for routine examination?

Every child should be seen at the time of the birth by a pediatrician. The pediatrician would fix an appointment for a revisit to the clinic after the discharge of the mother from the hospital. If the child is born at home, then he / she can be brought to the pediatrician’s clinic as soon as feasible to check if everything is OK.

I have a newly born baby. Do I need to get his / her hearing tested? Every new born should get his ears screened for hearing impairment by a simple method OAE. An undiagnosed hearing loss would lead to learning impairment too.

Should I get my child’s thyroid tested?

Thyroid dysfunction is easily picked up by a blood test at the time of birth. Early interventions for hypothyroidism are important and the effects are life-long for your child. One should get this screening test done

How do I come to know about the latest vaccines that are due for my child?

The vaccines start at the time of birth. Your doctor would schedule the visits for your child’s subsequent vaccinations. On completion of the vaccine the next date would be informed to you.

Are the new vaccines available at the government hospitals / centers? The government provides vaccines for only for diseases covered under the Universal immunization program (UIP). The new vaccines take time to be included in the national program.

Should I give my child pulse polio vaccine from the people who come to visit our house during the polio days announced by the government?  

Yes, every time. Recently our country has become polio free. The last case was reported on January 13, 2011. This has been possible due to the participation of all of you in the pulse polio program. But we have to be cautious as this disease may return back, unless our children are fully protected. The experts have designed a strategy which needs to be followed up by all of us till this is needed as announced by the government agencies.

I am worried about the growth of my child. My child’s height is not growing.

Both the parents should visit the clinic with the birth records as well as the growth / vaccination charges

When should I start solid foods for my child?

The child should be put on solid foods at six months of age.

Are there any emergencies for which I should contact you immediately

Yes, If the child is having breathing difficulties, has a fall, met an accident, is bleeding, or is dull and not responding appropriately or has consumed some unknown substance / medicine, or having a convulsion he / she should be seen by a doctor.

Till what age should my child be seen by the Pediatrician?

From birth (some-times even before that) till eighteen years of age